Saturday, October 15, 2005

welcome to the jeremy bleich homepage. here you can find links and information about events i am presenting and collaborations i am involved with.

(jeremy bleich - oud / andrew stoltz - digital audio)

i am very pleased to announce the release of eftah the fruit of 12 months of careful development of composition/form/improvisation and electronic manipulation sourced from this amazing ancient instrument.

this music began as a collaboration between andrew stoltz and jeremy bleich for an art installation but changed shape when the duo got invited to perform at the nweamo international electronic music festival ( and high mayhem ( the focus was then shifted to produce a full length recording made available for the fall festival tour.

the oud is used as the main sound source (w/ some voice and clapping added). the instrument is recorded in complete performance and sampled as individual sound and then manipulated via computer to create the final recordings.

there are also 3 short songs included- solo oud pieces recorded using various techniques.

go to and click audio to hear a sample and purchase the disk.
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Monday, October 10, 2005

high mayhem in santa fe

it is accomplished (almost)

drove from san diego to santa fe w/ a stop in bisbee az to drop off my stuff and pickup my kids enroute to the high mayhem festival. .... left sandiego @6:30 am... arrived in bisbee, az @3:00pm. left @5 and arrived in santa fe @12:30am. 18hours total driving on saturday. then we hooked up w/ my sister andrea and her husband keven and headed out to tecolote diner for breakfast. there we met josh smith, kurt kotheimer, eva mendoza, mustafa stephan dill and family and we all had a great breakfast. off to high mayhem and the performance.

last chance for the loneliest kitten (josh smith/kurt kotheimer/eva mendoza) played an amazing set of acoustic/electric soundscapes. the group sounds fantastic.
andy and myself played a set later. it was a great scene filled w/ friends and family and great music & art.

across from the space was the anarchestra. it was a room w/ a collection of homemade metal instruments of various kinds resembling horns, thumb pianos, upright basses and various percussion. my kids spent hours peforming in the anarchestra. the whole thing was recorded....hours of people wondering in and out of the space and playing.

chillin here in santa fe for a few days w/ carlos santisteven and the santa fe crew.
doing a session w/ mustafa and andy tonight. waiting 4 the rain to stop.
then its off to bisbee to find work and a place to live.....

Thursday, October 06, 2005

2 the land of suntan lotion

here we go once again....2 pack up the downlow volvo88 and head southward toward the l.a. and sandiego.

checkout (andy's blog) for some great pictures of our trip.

must pack car....the last leg is upon us.

sandiego then santa fe. w/ a stop in bisbee to pick up the kids! cant wait....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


andrew and i arrived this afternoon in sanfrancisco. after a wonderful drive down the coast we came across the golden gate to the neighborhood of the same name to stay w/ my friend scotty barkan (of barky!) seems scotty has abandoned his nyc home for better fruit, cleaner coasts and kinder views.

playing tonight @simple pleasures (w/ the eftah duo doing one set and kevin mCcarthy/scotty b and myself doing a set of keven's music).

meeting my good friend michael 4 dinner shortly.

i love sanfrancisco. very happy 2 b here.

life in transition

travel/think/talk/make music/eat/sleep/b friends/drive2the next place and do it again, only this time i will stop someplace new . . . .. . .. . ... . .. ....

Saturday, October 01, 2005


finished the second performance of the nweamo festival.

portland is a great city w/ many restaurants, great architechture, much coffee and art. great campus (we performed at the university)...and great hangs w/ ben dewey.

the performance went really well, and andy and myself expanded the piece 2 b 2x as long.... moving foward on the music, gearing up for the next thing across to new shores.

next stop, san fran to play w/ keven mCcarthy....

more later after sleep.... . . . . . . .

Thursday, September 29, 2005


after an amazing day in wyoming and nebraska i have successfully entered the third and last day of my first leg on the eftah/relocation tour. i slept in 4 and then a 2 hour shift last night (in the volvo) and hit the road just b4 dawn. i am currently in ogden utah just north of salt lake city. the scene here is amazing. just west of the continental divide, i am travelling up in the mountains through a canyon full of color and vegitation.

i have been taking pics, but i only have black&white film (language barrier in mexico left me w/ 100sp b&w film). the shadows this morning left some impressive images i hope to capture w/ the dynamics of b&w....

i have 700 miles or so to go b4 i hit portland tonight. the performance for nweamo is tomorrow night.

i plan to post photos tonight or tomorrow when i hit ben's place, so look for those either here or at my website still feels funny to say or type.

..been thinking alot about what is next when i settle in az, and have a few ideas in mind for new music projects and a few ideas for writing (words) as well.

in the meantime, next up is nyc in november where i play w/ rick elias and record w/ brook martinez and possibly joe tomino and mike gamble (if the stars line up) for the cleveland based infinite number of sounds label.

looking foward to journeying to the eastcoast once again and am hoping to stay there a minute or 2.

im also looking foward to the release of the 6 recordings i made before i left cleveland including keven mcCarthy, paul stranahan, sarah vail, david mansbach and mike hovansek...all done in the space of one month.

(not to mention the eftah cd which is available on this tour and through me - just send me an email if your interested)

.....more later

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

words from the road....

finally left this morning on my big trip...solo from cleveland to portland for the second leg of the nweamo festival. it was an amazing adventure full bad food/ wrong turns and no shortage of aggressive drivers laughing at my downlow 88 volvo wagon stuffed to the gills w/ mostly uneeded things i need when i finally get to az.

15 hours in the car w/ a mishap which left me in chi-town during rush hour was broken up only by the need for gasoline and the search for wi-fi. it seems iowa likes to advertise free wi-fi at the rest stops, but doesnt deliver (i think its a plot to sell carbonated sugar water to otherwise healthy internet addicts like myself).

i find myself now in a hotel in omaha nebraska....

going to put in another 13 tomorrow and 9 on thursday...

the performance in portland is friday. im looking foward to seeing my good friend ben dewey and meeting andy who is taking the easy way (air)....then we hop into the volvo together for a trip down the coast to the land of sanfrantastic! la eftah!....

Friday, September 23, 2005

mexico city!!!!!

this is an amazing city. we had a great performance and heard some really great music from the other musicians/composers on the festival.

i also participated in a lecture on electronic music and spoke about the oud and the process of making the eftah piece w/ andy for the students at the university.

the accomodations/food/sites/festival were all fantastic. we had an opprotunity to see a cathedrial dwntn that was built over top an ancient aztec structure and used much of that material. we also saw some murals at the art museum. there is art everywhere. great graffiti too....

...i will be posting photos in the near future.

right now we are stuck in the airport in mexico city because of hurricane rita. hope to be home later tonight....

also my website has been launched. checkit....

peace and blessings from mexico,


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

viva mexico!

so here i am in mexico city. 24 million people, give or take. the city is huge, spralling in a little valley inside a beautiful mountain range. the visiones festival is cutting edge electronic music and the performers are from many different places including chile, san diego, tucson, portugal, cleveland(!) mexico...etc. today we listened to talks on the subject of electronic music and have been hanging all day at the university. we are getting ready for the performance tonight, sound checking and such.

so far every meal has been killing, and the tequilla, well...

realizing my spanish is pretty bad, but functional when neccesary. i do have my trusty lonely planet mexican/spanish phrase book.

i will post more tonight after the performance.

peace and blessings,

j b

Friday, September 16, 2005

gearing up 4 mexico

the countdown to project leaving cleveland is well on its way.

first stop, mexico city.

eftah (andrew stoltz-laptop/jeremy bleich-oud) will be performing @ the nweamo international eletronic music festival there on thursday next week.

very excited to be in one the oldest cities on the planet playing cutting edge music!
i will be blogging on the way, hopefully w/ many pics of the city w/ one of the oldest continuous civic memories....

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


- 2me

- other places you can find me.
great NYC percussionist, the other half of daya duo.
oud/sarod/fretless guitar. leader of SAMA duo/trio (w/me) santa fe nm
keven mCcarthy's site - great singer/songwriter in sanfran
online art/music community in cleveland started by my friends in Infinite Number of Sounds....big&growing
international electronic music festival andrew stoltz and myself (eftah) are performing on in mexico city,portland and san diego.
great experimental music festival in santafe.....

checkout my blog for more links and info....
i will be blogging the trip w/ pics at my myspace site.
also be sure to checkout the brand new !!!!!!!
follow this link
for pics and info....