Wednesday, February 21, 2007



here i go.....

cleveland agora
MARCH 2ND w/ kevin mCcarthy (
cd release party! a sort of a homecoming....

playing southbysouthwest w/ my new orleans brothers...

Nasqbandhi sufi zhkir
MARCH 18 in L.A.
playing illahis w/ ZEKV ensemble (my sufi brothers and sisters)

... .. . hope 2 c all my friends in cleveland during my short stay there and looking foward 2 meeting new ones in austin and l.a... .. ...

b sure 2 checkout for more details and events.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

past these mountains as they sleep
(in savassana)
wont break the dream
even to acknowledge their brother
as i drive by
all the thoughts in this world
couldnt move them to see

the hawk up there
sloping across her bare breasted lover
lover as mountain
loves visible returns
through this place
as though it matters much
as if to see it
is to touch
timeless beauty
inspite of us

Friday, December 22, 2006


i just wanted 2 post about my friend molly sturges who is a brilliant singer and member of the santa fe community.
she was recently diagnosed w/ toungue cancer.
she, her husband chris jonas and her sister cree are maintaining a blog @ which is an amazing inspiration 2 all of who struggle w/ illness and all of us here who are blessed w/ health.

i highly recommend reading the posts and sending ur prayers of support for this woman who is truly a light of divinity and peace through her music and life.

peace and blessings,

Sunday, December 10, 2006


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Saturday, October 21, 2006

god is a verb

i find myself face 2 face w/ the concept of truth all the time these days. .. . what is it.?
is it perception, perspective?
can it b expressed at all in words? how does it relate 2 our responsibilites 2 ourselves, our community and intimate relations, and how do we express it....

st. francis (who was one heck of a guy) said "preach the gospel of christ at all times, use words if necessary"... . ... this clear expression of truth always moves my heart because it relays the importance of putting the priority of one's relationship w/ god and his/her community on action 1st and words 2nd.

another variation on this comes from an apache saying "it is better 2 have more lightning in the hand than thunder in the mouth"... . ...

i believe truth dwells in action, talk is cheep,
god is a verb

Thursday, July 13, 2006

give it away

i give this need - take it from me
w/ faith in greater things
deflect these praises to a good i couldnt approach
in deed, awareness, time
or power
grant the strength to give it all away

this is my prayer

spin all these strong winds into a powerful service
dissowning all these treasures
they dont belong 2 me anyway

(i) the messenger
point 2 heaven - the message
make a circle all around
this death - my death

nothing gives everything
in service 2 all
delivering me from myself

Thursday, June 01, 2006


somewhere inside u there is a waterfall
under the rock it lays waiting
my heart beats like a drum
this rhythm can break it free

ciphen out this love until
flowing full and complete in your
in your passion
joining this river in a free fall
dance of desire

take advantage of the time left 2 us.
this is what we were made 4

in love, pleasure is gods greatest dance.

soaking wet i dive into it
rushing in your riverbed
the tide - a rhythm
the muted sounds
of i melting into u

folded inside,
once again one

together we ride this wave
together we ride the water

one voice set free