Tuesday, December 20, 2005


so here i am, back in cleveland.
it hasnt been that long since i left, but it feels quite different.
although i havent really made it home. im in elyria right now, staying
w/ mindi's folks. heading to the eastside tomorrow to see mine and start the
cleveland gig marathon (check www.jeremybleich.com for schedule).

speaking of marathons......when i left bisbee sunday night, i drove to
santa fe and stayed w/ my friend carlos (of highmayhem), and began driving
monday morning stopping here tuesday afternoon, bout 2pm.

fun times.

need sleep.

need water (hot to soak in)

hope 2 see many faces at the shows. lots of good music bout to happen in the land of cleves.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

found an old poem.....appropriate i think 4 the journey home...

we spend all our time in the air breathing.
confused fish,
thirsty and dry
searching for the river again.
- remember when?
we shared the air, the space together
my breath, my body inside you
until -
swimming through the sky

to fly

across and
away from me

confused and lonely....

me too.

remember when i moved in you?
one voice, one breath, one body
a taste of the divine water
not yours, not mine.
just a drop from all this love.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

justice and fairness, not religion or atheism,
are needed for the protection of the state
- hakim jami (15th cen)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


time 2 return, 2 play music, 2 visit
2 remember who i was and who i am becoming.

1 moreprayernyc
2 my friends and brothers there.
w/ love from bisbee

from the brothers 2 vegas-the holy hour past.service in silence speak only of god and music.the eternal music at once divides us, conquers and admires us in adoration that 2 some defines-thus leading a life w/out longing....sever those ties binding 2 fly across the road, the sky winding through this fantastic landscape.still filled up w/ so much strife.dissect the body just 2 see and remove the malined if diseased now is the time if it pleases thee lord.im ready now unerneath this bridge in brooklyn town.the vast and free part sloping down friends&music a life @ peace w/u my brothers 2.why send this gift that grows so slow is it patience testing all the time.pass it on pass it on.
which elemets to be removed.and w/ so much 2 learn and time spent under the knife.distractions of beauty,bills,drama as it boils down 2 a simmer in bisbee,arizona.

... . . . .. ... .i - sperience
u - sperience . ..
them - sperience - conjugated reality
. ..
realizing the classroom im sitting in.