Saturday, October 21, 2006

god is a verb

i find myself face 2 face w/ the concept of truth all the time these days. .. . what is it.?
is it perception, perspective?
can it b expressed at all in words? how does it relate 2 our responsibilites 2 ourselves, our community and intimate relations, and how do we express it....

st. francis (who was one heck of a guy) said "preach the gospel of christ at all times, use words if necessary"... . ... this clear expression of truth always moves my heart because it relays the importance of putting the priority of one's relationship w/ god and his/her community on action 1st and words 2nd.

another variation on this comes from an apache saying "it is better 2 have more lightning in the hand than thunder in the mouth"... . ...

i believe truth dwells in action, talk is cheep,
god is a verb