Friday, April 07, 2006

- food 4 thought - digging deep

- definitions ... . . . . . ..

time - an abstraction of actual experience. an organizer.
space - becoming more and more important 2 me. i used 2 think it didnt matter where i was, now i find i change frequencies in different spaces and feel the need 2 move about the dial more and more 2 keep fresh.
connection - perhaps the most important thing in this human world.
wondering why sometimes i make some of the strongest connections w/ people on first meeting and little chance of return and dont share that w/ folks who are/have been w/ me through most or all of the journey.
it goes beyond opinion or interest.
im convinced its frequency (harmony).
vibration - sound, light, matter, creative expression, existence.
vibration is the grand unification, the bottom line, the greatest common denomintator and the key to god's plan and our connection to the divine.
i must learn to find and stay in tune, adjusting when the pitch changes,
.. . ... . . .. .inshalla . . .. . . . . .
receive - tune in, stay connected, wait 4 instructions.
transmit - share the truth.

checking out: - thomas merton "new seeds of contemplation"
nusart fateh ali khan (everything i can find of the qawwali),gillian welsh, much morrocan music.
action: - making quiet music w/ my computer/oud/sampler/mics/drums
and toys. . . ... . . . .. ... . writing words/taking photos