Wednesday, December 14, 2005


time 2 return, 2 play music, 2 visit
2 remember who i was and who i am becoming.

1 moreprayernyc
2 my friends and brothers there.
w/ love from bisbee

from the brothers 2 vegas-the holy hour past.service in silence speak only of god and music.the eternal music at once divides us, conquers and admires us in adoration that 2 some defines-thus leading a life w/out longing....sever those ties binding 2 fly across the road, the sky winding through this fantastic landscape.still filled up w/ so much strife.dissect the body just 2 see and remove the malined if diseased now is the time if it pleases thee ready now unerneath this bridge in brooklyn town.the vast and free part sloping down friends&music a life @ peace w/u my brothers 2.why send this gift that grows so slow is it patience testing all the time.pass it on pass it on.
which elemets to be removed.and w/ so much 2 learn and time spent under the knife.distractions of beauty,bills,drama as it boils down 2 a simmer in bisbee,arizona.

... . . . .. ... .i - sperience
u - sperience . ..
them - sperience - conjugated reality
. ..
realizing the classroom im sitting in.