Saturday, November 19, 2005

blogs r 4 blogs

im shifting my professional postings over to the
site and keeping this address 4 musings, poetry, stories, and general writing as is the blogway...

you can visit the jb site for info on gigs, recordings, promotions and the like.
you can also purchase the eftah disk there, listen to audio samples view pics, make contact, every little thing your heart desires....

im finally settled in bisbee. i have a full time job (nonmusic related) an apartment, an arizona license (and plate), a whole new batch of friends, and plans to travel home for the holidays.

bisbee is a small town, a liberal community of artists/filmakers/musicians/gallery and restaurant owners and old hippies. i live on the mountain in the old part of town.
people here are smart. people here are openminded, well read. most have very interesting lives and stories to tell. i have met alot of cool folks through my friend arik who is from israel originally and we met because he heard i play oud. he has since hooked me up w/ work, an apartment and even a gig. my first gig - tomorrow night in bisbee. i played on the radio last night (oud) and im going to do an electronic duo next week on the air w/ that film maker. i work for an artist who makes metal sculptures. my kids are near me all the time. now all i need is furniture....chairs mostly.

i have much more time to reflect and write than i used to. i feel this place will return me to an inward space spiritually and artistically. not associating music w/ money in the old cleveland way is a good thing. everyone here knows me as an oud player, not a bass player...or perhaps just as that tall new guy.

here is a bisbee poem dedicated to the friars of the fransican renewal in the bronx NYC
who w/ the mountains of arizona inspired it.....

past these mountains as they sleep
(in savassana)
they wont break the dream to acknowledge
thier brother as i drive by - I.
all the words in the world couldnt move them.

the hawk up there
across bare breasted lover,
lover as mountain
loves visible returns
this place as though it matters
as if to see it is to touch
timeless beauty
inspite of us.

purpose is action
- god is a verb
we adjective describing THE.
truth of a life lived w/ purpose.

right action
bread for the world